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Uncharted 3 psn problems

14 Jul Not sure if this is the right section - I just joined the forums but I bought my PS3 in November, bundled with Uncharted 3. Completed Scenario once but now whenever I play it, at some points it NEVER loads Not sure what the problem is but, on the first round (Another Round) once I beat up everyone in. I have purchased Uncharted 3 GoTY digital edition on the store and downloaded and installed everything with the game but I cant play it as there is no link to the single player only the multi-player. Has anyone else who bought this on psn tell if theirs is working or not? Any other help or suggestions would be great. To get around this I hit triangle on Drake's Deception in the media bar to bring up the option menu, then I did "check for update" and I had no problem downloading and installing. 0. txgtnfs. 01/24/ - pm. If you talking about PS Plus version than you have to download Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Free To Play in order to.

I've never had any disc reading problems before, and it just seems strange that my Ps3 can read any game just fine except for Uncharted it just keeps loading until you hear a loud click sound, then it just stops trying to read it. I'm trying to research more info about it and have found at least 2 more people. yes, I got this this morning and yes I got a PS3 this morning when I was tryin to connect I'd keep downloading anywhere from % of the update then PSN would kick me out I'm wondering if this is from high volume and the servers can't keep up? I did get it eventually and thank god cuz this game is sick I'm really. Also, be aware that unless you are in the US, there is an issue with the download of Uncharted 3 where users are unable to download the 2D/3D Movie Packs (~ 12GB each, but you only need one) that are required to play the Campaign. Also, if you have a PS3 and internet access, chances are your life isn't.

For Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Downloading from Plus problem.". Well i recently finished up everything in Uncharted 3 EXCEPT the one co-op trophy since i got the single player from PS+. So i decide to get a psn car. Hi, A while ago I got the full game from PS plus. It shows up as Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Free To Play After opening, I can play.


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