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Ps2 backup games

This tutorial will give you step-by-step directions which will explain how you can make copies of your PS2 games (and PS1 games) and off course how you can make them work on your PS2. To make workable copies off your PS2 games isn't very hard the hard part is making them work on your Playstation2. There are 2. Wanting to get a PS2 and play some old games but wondering what the best way to play backup games would be. Slim or phat, either is fine with. I agree with all of what he said, and strongly recommend the ESR method if what you want is a set of physical backup game discs. But there are also other methods to run backup games, using other media. The program OPL (== "Open PS2 Loader") can be used to run games from either of 3 different media.

1 Dec How to softmod a PS2 and use OPL to load backup copies of your games preventing wear on the optical drive. How to Play Copied PS2 Games. Playing copied PlayStation 2 (PS2) games used to be impossible without installing a modchip. Modchips, which must be connected to the motherboard with a soldering iron, are difficult to install and can damage. 6 Feb How do I soft mod my PS2 to play backups? Got one given to me for free so I wanted to put it to some kind of use. Thanks for any info to help me.


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